WERA Bicycle Set 4, 9 pieces

$99 SGD

L-key set with holding function, BlackLaser


L-keys made from circular material with a plastic sleeve for use on bicycles. The plastic sleeve makes working comfortable even at low temperatures and is easy on the fingers. All L-keys are easily accessible due to their colour coding and size markings. For hexagonal socket screws and TORX® screws. In a robust and lightweight folding pouch.

  • L-key set for hexagonal socket screws and TORX® screws
  • L-keys with Hex-Plus advantage for a longer screw life
  • L-keys are quickly to hand thanks to their size markings
  • Wear-resistant size marking
  • In a practical, lightweight folding pouch for easy carrying


Size: 220x100x40 mm

Weight: 484 g

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