WERA 3967/9 TX SXL Multicolour HF Stainless 1 L-key set with holding function, stainless, 9 pieces

$99 SGD

L-key set with holding function, stainless


Set of high-quality stainless steel L-keys for internal TORX® screws. Very corrosion-resistant due to ice-hardened stainless steel material of the L-key, avoiding the transmission of extraneous rust in stainless steel screw connections. Holding function on the long arm: The clamping force resulting from the surface pressure between the output tip and the screw profile holds the screws securely on the tool. With an extra-long arm for working in a low position. The grip-friendly hose jacket facilitates screwdriving even at low temperatures. "Take it easy" tool finder with colour coding by size. With a practical clip made of durable material for secure holding of the L-key while at the same time allowing easy removal.


  • The holding function on the long arm keeps screws securely on the tool
  • Extremely high corrosion protection thanks to ice-hardened stainless steel design
  • Compact and easy to remove - stored in a 2-component plastic clip
  • Handle-friendly hose jacket with tool finder „Take it easy": Colour coding according to size


Size: 245x100x35 mm

Weight: 380 g

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