Juin Tech R1 Cable Actuated Hydraulic Road Disc Brake (2-Piston)

$300 SGD

Juin Tech R1 Hydraulic Cable Pull Disc Brake Set - Cyclocross or Road
The Juin tech R1 hydraulic cable pull cyclocross (CX) disc brake set (front and rear brakes) offers a unique solution to cyclocross (CX) riders who want to upgrade from mechanical cable pull disc brakes. Also, recommend for road use.
The brake pads operate by a cable-actuated closed hydraulic mineral oil system. This allows the cyclocross/road riders to use their normal STI/Ergo levers on a disc brake bike without the expense of upgrading everything to accommodate disc brakes.
Braking performance is enhanced over a mechanical disc brake with easy pad and cable adjustment. The pistons actuate in a parallel motion unlike the one-sided movement of a mechanical disc brake and at approx. 142 grams per calliper they offer a substantial weight saving.
Juin Tech has tested these brakes in the 3 Peaks Cyclocross race, outstanding braking performance and stopping power. These brakes were put through their paces on some of the most gruelling descents you would ever try to ride a cross bike down.

Brand: Juin Tech
Model: Juin Tech GG-R1
Caliper: Forged Aluminum
Rotor size options: 160mm
Weight: 142g per calliper
Made in Taiwan


*Free installation on all Pacific Cycles Birdy bike models bought from Mighty Velo*

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