Fidlock VACUUM car ventilation base

$48 SGD

Fidlock wouldn't be Fidlock if the VACUUM smartphone holder was only available for bikes. The magnetic VACUUM ventilation base for the car is inserted into the ventilation openings of the dashboard. Here, the bracket snaps into the slats and can be adjusted in inclination. The Fidlock Vacuum modular smartphone holder makes use of two forces at once to hold the smartphone securely to the cockpit: magnetic force and negative pressure. This suction cup and magnet combination on the base mount is another genius attachment system from Fidlock. Intuitive and quick to operate one-handed.

The counterpart is the separately available VACUUM smartphone protective case, which connects your phone to the docking station using a protective cover. This magnetic smartphone holder is sold separately, as the Fidlock VACUUM system consists of two individual components. The clever holder for the vents is small, has a low profile and is hardly noticeable with its discreet black colour.

The magnetic guide of the base makes it easy to connect your smartphone and holder. The magnet centres the phone, which automatically docks to the holder and is additionally secured through the suction cup. This holds even on bumpy cobblestones, but can be released with the push of the finger. The tension and magnetic force are so strong that even a rotation of the phone to portrait or landscape format is possible while attached.

• Magnetic smartphone holder for the car
• With additional vacuum element, easy to detach
• Can be combined with all Fidlock VACUUM cases (sold separately)
• Universal attachment in the ventilation opening
• Can be rotated by 360° degrees while mounted
• Viewing angle adjustable through ball head
• Intuitive, one-handed operation
• Small dimensions for a tidy cockpit
• Magnetic forces don’t interfere with mobile phone electronics

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