Brooks C19 Carved Saddle

$220 SGD
  • Pressure Relief & Added Flex
  • Naturally Flexible Rubber
  • Moves with you
  • All-surface absorption
  • Continuously comfortable
Never ride the straight line.
All rides. All roads. All weathers.

The C19 Carved is a saddle with a hole for pressure relief based on our waterproof Cambium designs and made for the upright riding position. Perfect for commuting in the city or touring abroad.

The C19 Carved is a saddle with a hole based on our waterproof Cambium design intended for a more upright riding position. Perfect for commuting in the city or touring abroad, the top, made from vulcanised natural rubber and strong, lightweight nylon, is durable and flexible to move with every pedal stroke for natural, all-day comfort. Completed with a lightweight fibreglass frame and tubular steel rails, the C19 is ready to ride, requiring no break-in period, the perfect saddle for any commuter or cargo bike.

Naturally Flexible Rubber

Our Cambium saddles are made from flexible natural rubber, harvested from trees.

All-surface absorption

Designed to absorb shocks and smooth out the ride.

Continuously comfortable

Provides natural comfort for the duration of the ride in all conditions, over all terrain, performing consistently over time and through constant use.

Moves with you

Rubber is a natural substance that reacts to and follows the rider's movements.

Pressure Relief & Added Flex

A single cut out helps make our Carved saddles more flexible and better able to reduce anatomical discomfort.


Technical Specs:
L 275 x W 184 x H 57 mm
Weight: 473 g


  • Vulcanised Natural Rubber Saddle Top
  • Flexible and Robust Touring Surface
  • UV + Abrasion-Resistant Waterproof Nylon Top
  • Nose-piece and Saddle Plate in Fibreglass-Reinforced Nylon
  • Durable, Anodised Aluminium Rivets
  • Tubular Steel Rails
Steel rail with black powder coating
Vulcanised Natural Rubber and Nylon Top.

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