Top 5 cycling routes in Singapore for the Birdy bikes

Singapore is often called the “Little Red Dot” due to our small size, and many assume that we lack many routes to cycle and exercise on. However, here at Mighty Velo, we beg to differ. We are Singapore’s premier folding bike shop, and we’ve been selling performance foldable bicycles for the past 16 years. Through customer recommendations and our exploration of different routes, we have discovered 5 different cycling routes in Singapore that are perfect for Birdy performance foldable bikes. With routes like Civic District where you can imagine yourself overseas, to the Round Island Route (RIR) where you can explore the entirety of Singapore. We’ll be showcasing all the routes in Singapore for your next Birdy adventure with your cycling friends. Interested in the routes for your next adventure? Do continue reading!

At Civic District Route, you can visit attractions like the Asian Civilizations Museum and Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall. 

Civic District

The very first route to cycle would be the Civic District. The Civic district is located in the Central Area of Singapore consisting of buildings, memorials, and parks of historical interest. Cycling at the Civic District would instantly make you feel like you are in Europe instead of Singapore with all the colonial-style buildings. Bring your Birdy New Classic into the Civic District as the vintage-looking Gen 1 frame is perfect for photo taking to match the vibes of the Civic District.

At the Civic District, you can cycle along the beautiful buildings and explore the art culture and heritage in Singapore. Check out the Asian Civilisations Museum where you can explore the artistic heritage of Asia, especially the ancestral cultures of Singaporeans. Next, follow the sound of music to go to the nearby Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall where you get to see the history of Singapore’s performing scene.

At Coney Island, cycle alongside beautiful greenery. 

Coney Island

The next trail for slightly advanced riders is none other than Coney Island. For Coney Island, its rustic terrain is filled with gravel paths and bumps and thus, we would recommend our Birdy GT gravel bike.

The Birdy GT is equipped with Schwalbe Black Jack tyres, making it perfect to explore Coney Island. Furthermore, our Birdy Bikes have both front and rear suspension, which dampens shocks and vibrations from the bike.

At Coney Island, you can release your inner adventurous spirit and explore the coastal trails to find hidden mangroves and empty beaches. However, do take note to leave at 7 pm as Coney Island will close then and it would be too dark to explore.

Head down to Sembawang’s “White Bee Hoon” to fill up your tummy after cycling at Coney Island. The White Bee Hoon offers high value for money and is guaranteed to be scrumptious. However, do remember to fold down your bikes as the restaurant requires you to do so to not block the pathways for other customers.

The Birdy R20 is ideal for the Tanah Merah Coast Road.  

Tanah Merah Coast Road and Changi Airport Connector

The next route would be Singapore’s only on-road cycling lane, the Tanah Merah Coast Road. This road stretches 10km starting from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to Changi Ferry Terminal. Do take note to put on your helmet when riding on the road!

Since the route is generally flat, we will then recommend either the Birdy R20 road bike or versatile Birdy TouringPLUS

The Birdy R20 is perfect for those that love speed. It is equipped with 20” Panaracer tyres and Hubsmith Wheelset, giving you an exceptionally fast and smooth riding experience.

For the Birdy TouringPLUS, it is our latest Birdy bike that has 24 speeds, making it ideal for long-distance riding. Drop to a lower gear and pedaling would be much easier.

The Jurassic Mile is the perfect end stop for your cycling adventures. 

Once you are done with Tanah Merah Coast Road, at the end of Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, do head into the Changi Airport Connector. The Changi Airport Connector was recently launched by the Land Transport of Authority, and it is linked to Changi Airport. 

At the park connector, you can take a walk down the 1-km Jurassic mile. However, for that route, we would suggest that cyclists dismount and push their bikes instead, as the route is usually jam-packed with visitors and it might be difficult to cycle down the narrow lane. Thus, it might be better to fold down your Birdy and walk down the 1-km path.

The Marina Bay Loop is gorgeous at night. 

Marina Bay Loop

If you want to see the captivating scene of Singapore’s skyscraper, this next route is for you. The Marina Bay loop is an 11-km route that starts from Marina Bay Sands and loops towards The Esplanade and Merlion Park. 

This will be the perfect opportunity to bring your Birdy City to the City. The Birdy City commuter bike will let you breeze through the route and admire the skyline of Singapore. With 9-speeds, you can always switch the gears around to ease up your cycling experience.

For those who think that this 11-km is too easy, fret not. After completing the loop at Marina Bay Sands, you can head down towards Garden by the Bay. This is an extension of the Marina Bay Loop which links straight to East Coast Park. At East Coast Park, there will be amazing food centres to help you end a good day’s workout with an equally awesome meal. 

Do bring a bottle of water on the Round Island Route as it is a long journey.


Round Island Route


Last but not least, the last route would be the Round Island Route (RIR). It is a continuous 130-km park connector that goes around the entire Singapore. It uses the existing Park Connector Network (PCN), existing natural, cultural, historical, and recreational sites to link communities together. 

The most unique thing about the RIR is that you can start anywhere! The RIR is planned to be a loop that connects every single part of Singapore. 

Getting a foldable bike to start your journey

If you are interested in getting a foldable bike to kickstart your cycling journey, you can head to Mighty Velo. Mighty Velo is the sole distributor of Pacific Cycles’ Bicycles in Southeast Asia. We carry 17 different frame colours for our Birdy Performance Foldable Series and nine popular frame colours for the CarryMe model.

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