ORTLIEB, The Best Waterproof Storage Bag For You

Passionate about outdoor riding? ORTLIEB might just be what you need!

ORTLIEB is a brand that prides themselves on their premium waterproofing technology. Mighty Velo carries some of their products as bike accessories, so look no further if you want to learn more about the best waterproof storage bag!

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ORTLIEB products that Mighty Velo carries
  1. Saddle Bag Two
  2. Bike Shopper
  3. Up-Town Urban
  4. Seat Pack
  5. Gravel Pack
  6. Sport-Roller Plus Pannier Bag
  7. Handlebar Mounting Set
  8. Twin-City Urban
  9. Ultimate 6 Classic – Handlebar Bag
  10. Back Roller Classic 20L Pannier Bag
  11. Sports Roller Classic 12.5L Pannier Bag

 ORTLIEB’s Brand

As the leading brand of premium waterproof equipment, ORTLIEB products are a statement piece in your daily biking journey.

With the use of high-quality materials and sophisticated technology, the ingenuity of ORTLIEB has made them a market leader in this industry for more than 30 years. 

ORTLIEB’s bicycle bags are guaranteed to be superior to any glued or sewn product thanks to the innovative waterproofing design.


The high frequency welding helps to distinguish ORTLIEB products as true outdoor champions compared to other merely sewn or glued products.

Long-lasting materials

The exceptional waterproof quality can be attributed to specially collated materials produced for specific usages, eg. polyester, nylon and more that are used to coat the bags. 

Making use of a process known as high frequency welding (HFW), the materials are softened from the interior. High pressure is applied as they are bonded together, causing the connected joints to be as strong as surrounding materials. 

However just like all bags, the main waterproofing concerns come right at the opening of the bag itself. How did they make the opening of their products leakproof? Let’s find out!

Proven closures

Last but not least, to make their products waterproof and dustproof, ORTLIEB ensures that all of their products have gone through an extensive environmental simulation testing.

At ORTLIEB, there are 4 different types of closures used!

Flap closure

Flap closures protect against dust and spray water from angles of up to 60° to 90°. As its name suggests, the flaps are just flaps which lay over the ORTLIEB bag. They are then secured by snap buckles and hooks to ensure that the flaps are kept in place and block out dust and spray water. 

As seen in the picture above, the City line of products with the flap closures have an additional magnetic fastener to improve the ease of use of the bag and also the overall security.

Roll closure

Completely dustproof, the roll closure also safeguards your belongings in the ORTLIEB bags from spray water from all directions. This is made possible by the thin plastic stiffener bars that are sewn into the end of the bag’s material. Well-loved for its ability to become compact, ORTLIEB bags with the roll closure such as the seat-pack with the integrated valve are especially versatile.


To open and close the bag, just move the slider along the 2 plastic profiles at the mouth of the bag. This secure closure ensures that dust and surrounding water are unable to come into contact with items inside of the bag, making it perfect for everyday use.

Waterproof zipper

TIZIP zippers reliably prevent water and dust from entering your ORTLIEB bags. Through testing their bags, ORTLIEB mentions that the inside of their bags will remain dry even if submerged under 1 meter of water for a period of 30 minutes. However, with the waterproof and dustproof design, it makes bags with the TIZIP zippers slightly harder to zip and unzip.

How to know if your ORTLIEB bag is actually waterproof?

Don’t worry, ORTLIEB has done the testing for you!

One common test parameter is referred to as ingress protection (IP). All ORTLIEB bags come with an IP rating.

  *This is a non-exhaustive list of IP protection classes Select an Image

The combination of numbers is as shown above. For example, an IP rating of 64 on your ORTLIEB bag means that your bag is dustproof and protects against splash water from all directions.

So, when you get your ORTLIEB bag in future, make sure to cross reference the IP ratings at our shop and the web to know what your bag protects against!

Which product do we like most?

Isn’t it fascinating how ORTLIEB keeps their products waterproof and dustproof? If you are an avid outdoor cyclist and want to experience the stress free life of not having to worry about your belongings getting wet, then ORTLIEB is the line of products for you! 

We personally enjoy using the ORTLIEB Ultimate Six the most as it is handy like any normal bicycle basket but still possesses the advantages of being waterproof. It can store your daily essentials and you never have to worry about them whether it be rain or shine.

In addition, like some of their other products, the Ultimate Six has a reflective layer in the middle of it to keep you safe when biking at night. Killing two birds with one stone!

However, we recommend that you look through our products thoroughly on our online store and choose the bag that best suits your personal cycling lifestyle!

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