Six Reasons why Segway-Ninebot ES2 is the Most Popular E-Scooter

UPDATE [September 2019]: The PMD safety certification deadline has been moved forward to July 2020. All non-UL2272 certified devices will be auto-deregistered and cannot be used in public after July 2020. Users can continue to ride only UL2272 certified PMDs beyond the July 2020 deadline.

Mandatory registration of UL2272-certified scooters will start in April 2020. 

Early disposal of non-UL2272-certified scooters is encouraged and an early $100 disposal incentive is offered to owners of non UL2272 and LTA compliant electric scooters if they dispose it by 30 November 2019. 

Why is the Segway ES2 electric scooter so popular in Singapore?

If you live in Singapore and want to get an electric scooter, you are spoilt for choice. There are hundreds of retailers offering thousands of e-scooter models in Singapore: lightweight wonders, heavy-hitters, with or without seats. One that is  great for daily first and last mile commutes. A reliable model that can withstand the transport demands of your food delivery gig.

Whatever your preference, it is likely there will be an e-scooter model that checks all your boxes. However, all experienced e-scooter riders know that there are several e-scooter features you have to have in order to get the most value for your money.

What more, you’ll be glad to hear that the Segway-Ninebot ES2 is one of the most affordable and most popular e-scooters in Singapore.

Most Useful Features of the Segway Ninebot ES2 Escooter:

  • Can use past June 2020 because it is UL2272-certified)

Good news: the Segway-Ninebot ES2 can be used after 31 June 2020 in Singapore while all non-UL2272-certified electric scooters have to be disposed by then. 

Reason? The Segway-Ninebot ES2 e-scooter is certified under the UL2272 international fire safety standard.

A short introduction to UL2272:

To reduce fire hazards in personal mobility devices (PMDs), Underwriters Laboratories (UL) - a global safety organisation - created a standard for PMD electrical systems.

Called UL2272, the standard tests and ensures the batteries, circuits and other electrical parts of PMDs are free from fire hazards.

  • Battery quality

If you want your e-scooter to have a longer lifespan, we recommend you go for one that has high quality lithium-ion batteries. They are much more stable than cheaper batteries and are much less likely to explode or melt as a result of intense heat (such as from charging).

Good news: our Segway ES2 is powered by UL2271-certified IP67 lithium-ion batteries.

You can also opt to attach an extra additional battery pack on your ES2 e-scooter without compromising your device’s safety.

Encased in a weather-proof and water-resistant hard external covering, you can even ride your e-scooter in light drizzles. 

  • Budget

A typical e-scooter in the market can cost you between one to several thousand dollars.

At the price of just $649 (usual price being $799), our Segway ES2 is the best e-scooter deal you can get in town.

How so? Besides its attractive price point, you can use your registered Segway Ninebot ES2 escooter for as long as you like without worrying about throwing it away after 30 June 2020 according to LTA’s regulations.

  • Foldability

You spent an entire day out riding your electric scooter. Now, you’re exhausted and want to get home as soon as possible - and that means taking public transport.

If you intend to bring your e-scooter onto the MRT or bus, bear in mind that it has to fit within the dimensions of 120cm by 70cm by 40cm. The only way to transform an upright e-scooter into one that is small enough to enter the MRT? Folding it.

Now, not all e-scooters are foldable. However, you’re in luck if you own a Segway-Ninebot ES2 electric scooter. It can be conveniently folded in one smooth step and roll it into public transport quickly and conveniently. 

  • Official service centre with well-trained scooter technicians 

Like a car, your e-scooter needs to be checked and maintained regularly. When you buy an electric scooter, the most important thing is to check if your retailer has the expertise to provide maintenance checks and repair services.

In the event that your electric scooter tyres wear out or its electrical parts break down, you have a reliable source to turn to. With a quick turnaround service, your e-scooter will be up and running in no time.

We are the Official Distributor & Repair Centre for Segway-Ninebot Singapore. Our mechanics are all trained by Segway to repair and maintain its electric scooters, so you can be rest assured that the ES2 you bought from us is in good hands. 

  • Official One-Year Limited Warranty

A quality e-scooter from a reputable retailer is usually accompanied by a standard one year factory limited warranty.

You should avoid getting an e-scooter with no warranty or a month or three-month warranty just because it is cheaper. Consider the future maintenance costs of changing an electric scooter’s faulty motor or battery pack. 

We give all our customers a free one-year warranty when they buy the Segway ES2.