LTA Identification Mark Sticker for E-scooter Registration

UPDATE [6 Aug 2019]: The PMD safety certification deadline has been moved forward to July 2020. All non-UL2272 certified devices will be auto-deregistered and cannot be used in public after July 2020. Users can continue to ride only UL2272 certified PMDs beyond the July 2020 deadline.

The compulsory LTA registration scheme for electric scooters began on Wednesday 2 January 2019, and there has been a huge buzz of online activity among the electric scooter community.

 Many people have asked these two questions in particular:

  1. How does the registration process look like?

  2. Where can I make my LTA Identification Mark?

Read on as we will walk you through the process of the LTA registration and highlight several parts of the process you should not miss.

For folks who have registered their devices, we will be telling you where you can get your indvidual LTA identification mark.

E-Scooter Registration - 8 Points To Take Note 

1. For those who are registering online, type in in your search engine. You’ll be directed to this page:

2. Read through the entire page to ensure that you/your e-scooter meet all LTA's criteria. Scroll down until you see the “Register your e-scooter” button in blue. Click on it to kickstart the registration process.

3. If you are registering your personal electric scooter, you will be prompted to log in with your SingPass. Ignore the option to log in via CorpPass as that’s targeted at companies.

4. Next, you’ll have to fill in your personal particulars as well as the details of your e-scooter.

Take note that all electric scooter owners have to declare that their e-scooter is LTA-approved and LTA-compliant.

In other words, if your electric scooter doesn’t meet the below criteria, you can’t register your device: 

5. Additionally, if your electric scooter is UL2272-certified (such as the Segway-Ninebot ES2 e-scooter), make sure to “tick” the box indicating your device as having a certified safety standard. If you own a non UL2272-certified electric scooter, don’t check this box.

This step is crucial as it will determine if your application will be terminated from the database after 31 December 2018 (or not). In short, all UL2272-certified electric scooters won’t while non UL2272-certified ones will be.

6. Next  up, you’ll be brought to the payment page. Those who register by 31 March 2019 will have their $20 registration fee automatically waived.

If you register after this date, you’ll have to pay a $20 fee via eNETS or credit card. So, make sure you register early to avoid paying the fee.

7. Finding Your E-Scooter Identification Number on the Payment Receipt

After successful submission of the online registration form, you will be brought a payment summary page:


8. Now comes the crucial part. You will get this tax invoice/receipt from LTA:

Look closely and you will see a serial number next to the words “Reg of veh”.

This serial number, which consists of three numbers and two alphabet letters, is your e-scooter’s unique registration number. It is wholly personalised and no two electric scooters can have the same number.

Now that you will have completed the registration process and have a LTA identification number in hand.

Now it is time to get your LTA Identification Mark made by Mighty Velo. 

Our 3M sticker is $15 per piece.

If you like to have the option of switching up your sticker colours or shapes, you can opt to pay for more copies of your LTA identification mark at the following prices:

  • 2 copies  -  $23*
  • 3 copies  -  $27*
  • 4 copies  -  $29*

*Note that these prices are based for one e-scooter registration number only.

Reasons to buy your LTA identification mark from Mighty Velo: 

1) You’ll get a premium 3M quality product 

At Mighty Velo, we print the identification marks with high resolution, outdoor solvent ink on 3M Scotchcal IJ15 Digital Print Film.

It is greatly suited for your e-scooter needs as it has a clear, pressure-sensitive permanent adhesive. 

The 3M Digital Print Film is laminated with 3M Overlaminate which protects your LTA identification mark against colour fading and any surface abrasion.

Additionally, our 3M sticker is weather-resistant and protects against UV radiation.

2) Customise and choose your preferred design

We are offering our identification marks in four shapes and two colours for you to choose from:

Our stickers are also available as combo purchases, which are going for $25 each:

Buying your LTA identification mark online: 

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After your Lazada purchase, please email your order number and LTA registration number to so we can process your order.

Alternatively, you can also visit our physical store at 259 Lavender Street to fill in a form and pass it to us.

We’ll then print the stickers and mail them to you via SingPost registered mail.


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