Electric Scooters - Preventing Electrical Hazards

UPDATE [6 Aug 2019]: The PMD safety certification deadline has been moved forward to end June 2020. All non-UL2272 certified electric scooters and PMDs will be auto-deregistered and cannot be used in public after July 2020. Users can continue to ride only UL2272 certified PMDs beyond the July 2020 deadline.

Singapore is home to one of the largest number of electric scooters per capita in the world.

This is unsurprising as the city-state has a dense network of public paths, pavements and park connectors.  

More and more residents are starting to choose the electric scooter as their preferred mobility device. 

Also, food delivery riders ride them to bring food from restaurants to hungry mouths.

Young professionals use them for their first and last mile commute to and from work.

Couples on a date explore the city state – all on electric scooters. 

With the growing demand for electric scooters, retailers have increased their stocks to fill the need in this market. 

However. This has also brought about an increase in electric scooter fire accidents:  

electric scooter burns

(Photo credit: https://www.stomp.straitstimes.com)

Between 2016 and 2018, there are more than 80 explosions and fire cases involving pmds in Singapore. Many injuries sustained and homes irreparably damaged. More and more bystanders are calling for a total ban on e-scooters. 

With all this in mind, read on to learn how to prevent your electric scooter from catching fire.

Follow these Tricks to Stop Electric Scooter Hazards:

1) Don’t alter the electrical parts of your e scooter

You might be tempted to modify your current e-scooter so it can go faster or last longer on one full charge...but is it worth the huge costs? 
Modifying the battery or tampering with the electric scooter motor can cause short circuits to happen because of electrical incompatibility. This is a recipe for electric scooter fires.

2) Don't leave the electric scooter battery charging overnight

Overcharging is a problem as loads of excessive heat is created. Imagine how hot the battery gets when you leave it in charging mode for 8 to 10 hours overnight!

Second-rated batteries can’t stand high levels of heat. Unlike high quality lithium ion batteries, these batteries don't automatically cut off electrical currents when they are fully charged. 
When the battery gets too hot and its inside insulation fails, a short circuit happens. This is how a fire starts.

3) Always use the original e scooter charger (and not a charger from another model)

Electric scooter chargers are never, ever inter-usable. An incompatible charger will reduce the lifespan of your battery and even cause your e scooter’s electrical system to malfunction and short circuit. You don't want that. 

4) Buy a UL2272-certified electric scooter (from a legit retailer!)

Why DIY when experts can step in to lessen your electric scooter fire risk for you?
UL2272-certified electric scooters are the least likely to explode or randomly burst into flames. Why? They have to survive the many safety tests applied to their electrical systems. This is so they can be officially certified by UL. (UL is an independent American safety certification company known for its stringent safety procedure). 
There are hundreds, probably thousands, of e-scooter models in Singapore.

However, the only UL2272-certified electric scooter model is the Segway-Ninebot ES2 e-scooter.

segway electric scooter

Why get a UL2272-certified e scooter model and not those with other safety certifications?

If you haven't heard: only electric scooters that are UL2272-certified and LTA-approved can be used from 2021 onwards. Also, e-scooters certified by other safety standards (that's not UL2272) will be prohibited.
Want big value for your money? The ES2 is your best bet as you can ride it for the years to come without worrying about switching out for another model.

Why choose a reputable retailer?

Browse through Carousell and you’ll find many second-hand dealers claiming they are selling the cheapest e-scooter in town. 
However, there are many benefits of buying directly from an official distributor and repair centre:
One year warranty on your electric scooter frame, reliable afters sales and servicing, local delivery to your doorstep when you shop from us...list goes on.

The biggest benefit: you can ride your electric scooter in peace and know there is a legit group of people who will help you if you face any problems with your device.