A Classic Made New

There are many foldable bikes on the market. However, in terms of performance and style, the Birdy is hard to beat. Currently, there’s six types of Birdy you can choose from: The New Classic, City, Touring, GT, R20 and Rohloff. However, if you are new to cycling, I recommend starting with the New Classic! It’s a great entry-level bike. There are bike shops open now online during Phase 1 that you can visit.

About the Birdy New Classic

Generation 1 Birdy bikes had a more retro, tubular frame. One of those gen 1 bikes was the Classic Birdy. However, they discontinued it in 2005. After that, they replaced it with the monocoque frame you see today. The Classic Birdy became top items on collector’s lists.

Due to popular demand, they created the Birdy New Classic. The Birdy New Classic is a callback to those gen 1 bikes. Retro items have a reputation for being beautiful but outclassed by newer models. However, it is not the same for the Birdy New Classic. It’s not just the same old bike.

The New Classic enhances what made the Classic Birdy so great. The frame now has a more circular and cleaner mainframe. This gives the bike better rigidity. It even has internal cable routing, giving it a neater feel. Thanks to that, the rider gets to experience a modern ride in a retro body.

Great Entry-Level City Bike

The Birdy New Classic is great for beginners who are looking to urban ride. At 8-speeds, you already get a lot more gears than a lot of foldable bikes on the market. Bike-speeds help make cycling easier, especially up hills and steep slopes.

It can support a wide range of riders. As long as you are in the 140cm-195cm range, you can ride comfortably. It can even hold up to 110kg. This is thanks to its sturdy frame. You can even adjust the handlebars up and down if needed.

At 10.9kg, the New Classic easy to carry around. However, it is small enough to fold and roll into public transport. Hence, you have the freedom to choose to take the bus. It only takes 15 seconds to fold and unfold, so you can put it away quickly.

Birdy models are created from bicycle parts you can source anywhere. Hence, you can go to any bike repair shop to fix it with ease. By comparison, you usually have to spend more time, money and effort to get a bike with specialized parts fixed.

Small Wheels Have their Advantages

At 18-inches, the New Classic has smaller wheels than the standard 26-inch. However, bigger isn’t always better. There are advantages to having smaller wheels.

When cycling in a city, you have to stop frequently, especially at road junctions. This interrupts the rhythm and balance you have built up. Hence, Smaller wheels are great to have. Smaller wheels are lighter and have less inertia. So, they can accelerate faster than bigger-wheeled bikes.

Furthermore, smaller wheels are easier to gain stability on. If you are new to cycling, you would appreciate the added stability.

Bigger wheels go faster, most people may say. However, that’s half true. A small wheel is actually more effective up when travelling at 26km/h or below, Alexi Grewal, 1984 Olympic road race gold medalist, explains. Between 26km/h and 53km/h, a small wheel is just as effective as a big wheel. A big wheel is only more effective after 53km/h.

However, the road speed limit in Singapore is 50km/h. If you are cycling on a cycling path (those paths labelled PCN), it’s 25km/h. Footpaths are even lower. You can only go 10km/h on a footpath.

Available in Three Colours!

Hence, if you want to ride in style and comfort, look at the New Classic!

Furthermore, MightyVelo has just released two new colours! Now, you can choose either Polished Silver, Mercury Blue, or Mercury Copper. These colours are only available at MightyVelo.

MightyVelo is the official distributor for Pacific Cycles in Southeast Asia. Our Mechanics have been trained directly at Pacific Cycles HQ in Taiwan and can do proper maintenance and repair work on our bicycles. Every bicycle comes with a 2-year warranty on frame and 1-year warranty on parts.