10 reasons the CarryMe is the best foldable bike

More Singaporeans are taking on cycling as a leisure activity during the weekends. Many are also bringing their bikes overseas for cycling in urban cities. More commuters are taking the train and bus with their bikes. So how does the CarryMe compact foldable bike help in these activities?

We give you 10 simple reasons why this CarryMe compact foldable bike is an ideal folding bike for leisure cycling, for the first and last-mile commute and for bike travelling.

#1 Save on transport fares

While transport in Singapore is fairly accessible, the costs of commuting daily can be quite expensive in this city.

A feeder bus ride is roughly $1.50 per trip and taking it to and from work or school will cost you $3 a day. That is more than a $1000 spent on transportation per year!

Travelling by a folding bicycle in Singapore for your first and last-mile commute is definitely more wallet-friendly. A well-made bicycle like the Pacific CarryMe can last for a very long time if maintained well. Plus you get to enjoy fresh air and a healthy heartbeat while cycling regularly!

The CarryMe compact foldable bike is MRT friendly and bus-friendly and is allowed in public transport, all day, every day. It has a permitted size limit allowed by the Land Transport Authority.

#2 You can bring the CarryMe compact foldable bike into public transport

The CarryMe compact foldable bike can be easily folded and unfolded under 15 seconds, and you can roll it into the MRT or board a bus. Imagine rolling it into the MRT without having to carry it on the MRT platform and through MRT gates.

Its small size when folded complies to LTA’s size requirements for folding bikes and electric scooters that are allowed on public transport. It is able to fit snugly and securely beside you on train and bus cabins, whether you are sitting or standing.

#3 Shop around with the CarryMe folding bike 

When folded, the CarryMe folding bike has two tiny wheels at the bottom that enables the bike to roll when pushed or pulled. This makes the CarryMe bicycle perfect to roll and explore the city with

When you are tired from cycling, simply fold and roll it into a nearby shopping mall. Check into a  cafe to freshen yourself up, enjoy the air-conditioning, or settle down for a nice meal.

After you are done with your break, you can roll it around the mall while you shop or even bring it to the movies with you. The folded bike can be parked at the back of the cinema while you enjoy your film.

#4 Light enough to carry it up and down the stairs

There are times when cycling is not an option and you are forced to climb a flight of stairs to a walkup apartment or to the second floor without a lift.

The usual folding bikes weigh at least 12kg. Can you imagine lugging such a heavy bike up the stairs?

What makes the CarryMe stand out from all the other foldable bikes is its weight. At only 8.4kg, the CarryMe is the lightest folding bicycle in the world and is a breeze to carry up the stairs, or anywhere else for that matter!

#5 You can store the folding bike in your car boot

If you are someone that likes to drive to a park to cycle but has always had trouble trying to fit the bike in your car, the CarryMe compact foldable bike is a feasible option for you.

With a compact folded size of 32cm (H) x 25cm (W) x 93cm (L), the CarryMe will have no problems fitting into the boot of your car. You will even have extra space left in your car boot to store other items.

#6 Travel overseas with the CarryMe compact foldable bike 

Doesn’t exploring a new city on your favourite bike sound like a dream?

The lightness and portability of the CarryMe makes it perfect to travel with. Simply pack it into a luggage and you are good to jet away to your next holiday destination.

There is even a luggage and trailer kit for you to pack the CarryMe separately. The trailer kit allows you to attach the luggage to the back of the bike so you that can cycle forth on your adventure with your belongings (literally!) trailing behind.

#7 Low frame stepover for young kids and the elderly 

The CarryMe compact foldable bike is designed with a low stepover so that young kids age 8 years and above and the elderly with stiff joints can step over the low bottom tube to mount on the bike seat, making it easy for anyone to mount on the CarryMe because of its low step over.

The low stepover also means that when you want to dismount from the CarryMe folding bike, you can lean forward, step down on your feet and slowly come to a halt without having to jump out of the bike if you have to come to a sudden halt.  Having a low step over also means that people who are short or the elderly with stiff leg joints or arthritis can also enjoy riding a compact foldable bike without having to struggle with a gait of a full-sized bicycle.

Despite its lightweight frame, the CarryMe is designed to be durable and sturdy. With a max weight load of 100kg, it is able to take the weight of most adults. It is also a single-speed bicycle, making it safe for both the young and active seniors to ride.

#8 Nine colourful and vibrant colours to choose from

If you have ever been to a bicycle shop and looked at the bike choices available, you will know that most of them sometimes come in boring and dull colours like black, blue or red.

However, with the CarryMe compact foldable bike, there are nine custom-made colours to choose from. You can definitely show off your personality with your favourite bike colour!

There are three colour series to select from:

The Classic Series that consists of Crimson Red, Electric Blue and Forest Green;

The Brilliant Series with Amber Orange, Sky Blue and Lime Green;

And lastly, the warm Earth Series that includes the Khaki Brown, Slate Grey and Aquamarine Green.

#9 Fashionable and stylish

The clean and simple design of the CarryMe makes it a fashionable bike that can fit any outfit styles.

Not to forget that the bold colours of the bike also helps it to double up as a statement piece for your outfit of the day.

#10 Instagram-worthy

Social media has become a place where people share and document their memories. It is almost mandatory to take a picture of anything, be it a photogenic slice of cake or a furry, adorable puppy.

You can do the same with the CarryMe! The bike looks pleasing to the eye and blends into any scenery. So, snap a photo and show off your new CarryMe bike to all your friends online!

So now that you know why you should get this cute, functional and compact foldable bike, what are you waiting for?! Get your very own CarryMe foldable bike online at www.pacificcarryme.com or visit us at our Mighty Velo bicycle shop at 30 Tai Seng Street, BreadTalk IHQ #02-14, S534013.