Why was UL2272 created?

Last year in Singapore, the number of fire incidents involving Personal-Mobility devices (PMDs) shot up by more than 50% according to the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF). And after extensive investigations after these incidents, the majority of these PMDs involved in all of the fire incidents turn out to be non-UL2272 certified.

And during the first half of this year, there have already been 49 fire incidents involving PMDs. That almost rivals the amount of PMD fire incidents which happened throughout the entirety of 2018 (52)!

With all that has happened since e-scooters became a norm on our roads, the Land Transport Authority is desperate to find a solution to these problems as almost every Singaporean fears that another fire incident could happen near their home.

So, as of the 6th of August 2019, the PMD certification deadline imposed by the Land Transport Authority has been moved forward to July 2020. After that, all non-UL2272 certified devices in Singapore will be auto deregistered and would be considered illegal to be used in public. Users can only operate UL2272 certified PMDs after the mentioned deadline of 1 July 2020.

UL is a certification company, located in Northbrook, Illinois. Established in 1895, UL is known throughout the 20th century and in the 21st century for taking part in the various safety analysis of many new technologies and products. Products and technologies will receive a UL label on them after being tested by UL LLC for safety.

UL is known for their very strict and complex tests to ensure that the products can be safely used and function without any risks.

So, what is the UL2272 certification?

The UL2272 is a safety certificate given to the electrical and battery components of the products/devices which went through a series of tests to ensure their safety. The batteries and electrical components of these products will go through tests for impacts, over discharge, short-circuit, mould stress, water exposure test, CT Scans and various more.

These tests will greatly reduce the risks of fire, explosion and other related battery or related issues. Upon passing the UL2272’s series of tests, the products will then obtain the safety label.

Do note that your PMD will not be considered UL2272 certified if you externally modify the battery and electrical components of your PMDs!

But always remember, even if your PMD is UL2272 certified, it does not fully guarantee that your device will not encounter any issues or problems regarding the battery components. Hence, here’s a couple of tips to identify if your PMD is faulty and the ways to reduce the risks of a major accident.

First and foremost, always check the condition of the battery and your PMD in general and make sure that there is no damage or any deformities before you set off. If the battery of your device has the slightest of bloating, corrosion or powdery residue coming out of it, it means that it is faulty and might need replacing. Using it while its damaged may backfire really badly.

When you’re charging your device, make sure that you’re using a power adaptor that carries the Safety Mark and is recommended by the manufacturer. Also, refrain from charging your device near combustible materials like curtains or carpets. Never leave your charging PMD unattended for an extended period of time and turn it off immediately as soon as it is fully charged are some good practices to prevent an incident from happening at home.

The UL2272 certification is a big must for all PMDs operating in Singapore because if you purchase or already have a non-UL2272 PMD right now, it would eventually be illegal to use in this country after the July 2020 deadline. For your own safety and the safety of others around you, get yourself a UL2272 certified PMD as soon as possible.

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